We are back.


After the disaster we had this weekend we worked hard to get the servers online again.
We had to replace hard disk drives from the server with new ones and build the operating system from scratch.
After the OS was working we had to renew firmware on server components and get the latest drivers for them.
We had to install the steam components to run the unturned servers, install unturned and configure them.
The SQL server was also lost so we got a new one. The new one was empty so we had to fill it with the data.
Then the rocket plug in’s had to be installed and configured.
It’s sad that we did not have a good backup, now the player data is gone. We had about 115000 unique players on our servers.
This time we did build a good backup and we hope we will never have to use it.
All servers are empty now, but this will only be so for a short time.

Time for a grand new start.


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