Server Rules 2Connect1(PC1DX) and 2Connect2

  1. Buildings are limited to 2x2x2
  2. No bug using, exploiting or abuse of powers
  3. Don’t ask admins for items, teleports, loot respawn, ect.
  4. English only in the world chat.
  5. Do not build in or on loot spawn areas, or in cities/towns/farms etc.
  6. Do not block the road.
  7. Do not damage vehicles like cars, planes, helicopters, or any other moving objects.
  8. Do not raid any building that does not belong to you.
  9. Do not own more than 1 vehicle per player.
  10. Always place a metal sign at your base stating the owner(s)
  11. For every player in a base there should be a claimed bedroll
  12. Violations of these rules will result in a (permanent) ban.
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