A moderator (also known as Mod) is a player that knows the game well, and is able and willing to help other players. To do this he/she has extra commands to use.
A Moderators main role is to ensure the rules are being followed and to assist a player if they are in need of help.
As moderator one can still play the game, but in a different way. An admin cannot play the game and can only do admin work.
First of all a mod knows the rules of the server. There are not a lot of rules but the ones that exist should be enforced strictly. A list of these rules are on the website.
A mod can chat or voice chat with players. If a player does not comply with the rules a mod can kick this player. But beware, a kicked player can come back in the server one minute later so a kick can only be considered a warning.
If a player still does not comply with the rules a mod can report him/her to an administrator who will then take further steps to ensure rules are followed.
Enforcing the server rules is not the main thing a mod does. The most important thing a mod does is helping other players. A player could have all kind of difficulties. Players sometimes don’t know the basic game features. A mod could, if asked, help a player by explaining how to craft items.

On our servers we have a system whereby players earn salary in a currency called bananas. This system is not unique to our servers but it is not used in most other servers out there.
A mod should know how to use all aspects of the server shop, and should know how to explain them to players. An explanation of all shop commands can be found on the website.
A mod can buy things in the server shop to give to players if they really need them, this means small stuff like a Dressing or an MRE. Players will try to use this to get things and a mod can become a vending machine really easy. Therefore an admin or mod should not give things upon request.

Apart from the commands all players can use a mod has extra commands to use.

Kick           This command can be used to kick (other) players from the server.
home        This command can be used to go (teleport) to your claimed bed.
Teleport   This command can be used to teleport you or other players to places or players.
God           This command ensures one cannot die and does not need food or water.
All these commands should be used to help other players.

In short: a mod makes players feel welcome and helps them if they need help.


Additional remarks:

  1. Mods do not take loot from Feasts,
  2. Mods do not take loot from Airdrops,
  3. Mods do not take loot from Horde beacons
  4. Helping does not mean giving players stuff/money (giving a fresh player an Alicepack or a MRE is OK),
  5. We do not refund vehicles or lost loot (exception only if you see the vehicle being griefed) Not if they crash it themselves ;),
  6. Server rules also apply to Mods and Admins,
  7. Mods do not Teleport players around the map, we are not a Taxi service.
  8. Never teleport to a player without their consent
  9. Never teleport a player without their consent
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