Hello People,

Today i installed a Donation option to the site.
As owners HarmlessEppo and OscaR spend a lot of money on the 2connect servers.
First of all the server was bought and configured. We use a 12 core server with 16GB of RAM.
The server needs a good connection with the internet and you know these connections are expensive.
Than the server needs power to function, and lots of it.
Also there is this website with is not free for us to have.
Furthermore we spend a lot of time to manage the servers and software.
This is all done free of charge and you can use all servers without paying any money.
Now there is an option to donate money to the team to help them keep 2connect online.
We would like a donation to help us and to show your appreciation for all the work the team has done, and to make sure the 2connect servers will be online in the future.
Thank you in advance for any amount you wish to donate and have a great time at our servers.

The owners, OscaR and HarmlessEppo.

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