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Some 2Connect style servers are up!

Hey People! Sgtmaj-John has started:2Connect2: Washington, PvE, TPA, Shop, Home Bjornilol has started:2Connect3: Washington, PvE, TPA, Shop, Home2Connect6: PEI, PvE, TPA, Shop, Home All servers have a loadout, a Salary for playing and some very nice Workshop Mods. Have fun! … Lees verder

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The servers are down.

Dear friends, After more then 4 years of running the 2connect unturned servers we are now shutting them down. It takes a lot of effort to do the server thing and we want to do new things. We have had … Lees verder

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Less Servers

Hello Everyone, Our 2Connect team has been struggling lately, we have a few members left. We decided to stop all servers except for 2C2 and 2Cv to lessen our workload. We are really thankful for all the help we have … Lees verder

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We are back.

Hello, After the disaster we had this weekend we worked hard to get the servers online again. We had to replace hard disk drives from the server with new ones and build the operating system from scratch. After the OS … Lees verder

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All servers are down!

Dear players, mods and admins, We have experienced the most unlikely server crash, 2 from our 5 server hard disks died at once. We are unable to recover any data. We are working hard to have a working server again … Lees verder

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Loadout list

We don’t use kits in the server but we use loadout. Below a list of the id per role. Loadout 0/518/517/1014/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout 1/233/234/241/104/107/108/108/108/95/95/503/337 Loadout 2/223/224/225/10/99/100/100/1023/95/95/503/337/1163/1163 Loadout 3/1169/1170/1171/1172/107/108/108/108/1389/95/95/508/337 Loadout 4/242/243/244/202/107/108/108/108/95/95/503/337/345/345/345/345 Loadout 5/509/510/511/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout 6/211/212/247/16/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout 7/232/240/209/138/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout 8/230/231/239/137/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337/1030 Loadout 9/1156/1157/1032/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout … Lees verder

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New server with Russia map

Hi folks! The new map Russia is available now, we changed out server 2connect4 to Russia PvE (see the servers page). Have a go at it! Best regards, The Admin team

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