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2 Servers still running!

Hello,   2 Unturned servers running, 2Connect5 and 2Connect2. Make sure to try the weed, specifically the “Golden Weed”. Rules are the same as on the original servers, please use /rules and /base in chat to see the rules. Connect … Lees verder

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Some 2Connect style servers are up!

Hey People! Sgtmaj-John has started:2Connect2: Washington, PvE, TPA, Shop, Home Bjornilol has started:2Connect3: Washington, PvE, TPA, Shop, Home2Connect6: PEI, PvE, TPA, Shop, Home All servers have a loadout, a Salary for playing and some very nice Workshop Mods. Have fun! … Lees verder

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Our Discord server

Hello dear players, Join our Discord server for meeting up with other players, staff and read server announcements. See you there! The 2Connect Staff

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New servers (Rust & Unturned)

Hello there! We have recently started a Rust server called 2ConnectR. We have chosen for a PvE style server where only wildlife can kill you. We also made the server no-Raid so players cannot destroy other players stuff. The full … Lees verder

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Less Servers

Hello Everyone, Our 2Connect team has been struggling lately, we have a few members left. We decided to stop all servers except for 2C2 and 2Cv to lessen our workload. We are really thankful for all the help we have … Lees verder

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All servers are down!

Dear players, mods and admins, We have experienced the most unlikely server crash, 2 from our 5 server hard disks died at once. We are unable to recover any data. We are working hard to have a working server again … Lees verder

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New server with Russia map

Hi folks! The new map Russia is available now, we changed out server 2connect4 to Russia PvE (see the servers page). Have a go at it! Best regards, The Admin team

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Server 2Connect1 wipe on Sunday 10-07-2016

Hello players, The server 2Connect1 map is full again as you may have noticed (high ping, lag). Coming Sunday 10-07-2016 we will wipe the map. See you after the wipe. Your Admin team.

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Video showing beach stuff and glass

Credits go to Blunt_machete one of our Admins.

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Server Rules 2Connect1(PC1DX) and 2Connect2

Buildings are limited to 2x2x2 No bug using, exploiting or abuse of powers Don’t ask admins for items, teleports, loot respawn, ect. English only in the world chat. Do not build in or on loot spawn areas, or in cities/towns/farms … Lees verder

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