Server rules 13-02-2019


#1 No griefing, bug using, exploiting or abuse of power
#2 Don’t ask staff for items, teleports, loot respawn, ect.
#3 Only English in World chat
#4 Do not park vehicles on the road
#5 Do not steal or damage vehicles
#6 Do not raid any building that does not belong to you
#7 Max 2 vehicles per player, each vehicle needs a license plate (17109) stating the owner
#8 Breaking these rules may result in a (permanent) ban
#9 Do no insult or harass players or staff in any way


#1 Every player can build no more than 30 blocks in total
#2 Do not build in or on loot spawn areas, in cities/towns/farms and other public locations
#3 Do not build on roads
#4 Always place a metal sign at your base stating the owner(s)
#5 For every player in a base there must be a claimed bed
#6 Skybases are not allowed
#7 Every player can have only one building or structure
#8 Breaking these rules may result in a (permanent) ban

Have fun in the servers!
OscaR and HarmlessEppo

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