Building limitations (rules)

Hi there!

Why do we have building limitations you ask? Good question! We have building limitations because everything you build fills up our server map, when the map is too full we get lag and we don’t like lag. The only solution to get rid of the lag is to do a server WIPE, which we also don’t like. So stick with these rules:

Maximum blocks per user: 9 (for example a 3 x 3 base)

If there are multiple players in your base you can multiply: so 2 players is 18 blocks, 3 players is 27 blocks and so on.

Place a metal sign at your base stating the players living there and make sure there is a claimed bed for each player on the sign. (we can look into your base to check)

We do not warn you if you break the rules, we just just remove your complete base. Don’t complain to us about that if you were not following the rules.

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