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The servers are down.

Dear friends, After more then 4 years of running the 2connect unturned servers we are now shutting them down. It takes a lot of effort to do the server thing and we want to do new things. We have had … Lees verder

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We need a logo for our servers.

*UPDATE* We stopped the competition, we thank the people that made something nice (2 people). We did not get any useful entries though, we have chosen for a simple Banana since that is our currency. Feel free to contact us … Lees verder

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Server rules 13-02-2019

/rules #1 No griefing, bug using, exploiting or abuse of power #2 Don’t ask staff for items, teleports, loot respawn, ect. #3 Only English in World chat #4 Do not park vehicles on the road #5 Do not steal or … Lees verder

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Default Texts for staff placed signs.

Dear player, please place a metal sign stating your ingame name(s), and a claimed bed for each player in this base. Comply within 3 days or we remove. 2Connect staff dd-mm-yyyy

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We are back.

Hello, After the disaster we had this weekend we worked hard to get the servers online again. We had to replace hard disk drives from the server with new ones and build the operating system from scratch. After the OS … Lees verder

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Hello People, Today i installed a Donation option to the site. As owners HarmlessEppo and OscaR spend a lot of money on the 2connect servers. First of all the server was bought and configured. We use a 12 core server … Lees verder

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Loadout list

We don’t use kits in the server but we use loadout. Below a list of the id per role. Loadout 0/518/517/1014/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout 1/233/234/241/104/107/108/108/108/95/95/503/337 Loadout 2/223/224/225/10/99/100/100/1023/95/95/503/337/1163/1163 Loadout 3/1169/1170/1171/1172/107/108/108/108/1389/95/95/508/337 Loadout 4/242/243/244/202/107/108/108/108/95/95/503/337/345/345/345/345 Loadout 5/509/510/511/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout 6/211/212/247/16/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout 7/232/240/209/138/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout 8/230/231/239/137/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337/1030 Loadout 9/1156/1157/1032/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337 Loadout … Lees verder

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Moderators. A moderator (also known as Mod) is a player that knows the game well, and is able and willing to help other players. To do this he/she has extra commands to use. A Moderators main role is to ensure … Lees verder

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Server list

This is the server list for the 2Connect Unturned servers. IP port 27015 2Connect 1 PVE Easy Once called PC1DX. IP port 27017 2Connect 2 PVE Normal IP port 27019 2Connect 3 PVP Easy Have fun and … Lees verder

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