New servers (Rust & Unturned)

Hello there!

We have recently started a Rust server called 2ConnectR. We have chosen for a PvE style server where only wildlife can kill you. We also made the server no-Raid so players cannot destroy other players stuff. The full server info is displayed in the Rust client when you select the server. Come have a look and be creative.

Another new/old server is 2Connect6, the Unturned PEI server. The server is configured in Easy mode so you don’t need to keep repairing all your stuff. The database for your balance (type /balance in chat) is the same as on 2Connect2 (Washington, Easy mode), so you can easily switch between servers and spend your Bananas where you like.

Kind regards,


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Unturned Shop Commands, how to use the server shop

Unturned Shop commands are:

/sell <ID or name>: sell something from your inventory to the server shop

/buy <ID or name>: buy something from the server shop

/buy v.<ID or name>: buy a vehicle (car, boat, plane and such)

/cost <ID or name>: ask for buying and selling price for an item from the server shop

/balance : Show your delicious amount of Bananas!!

/pay player <amount> : pay amount to player

/exchange <amount>/money : exchange amount of bananas for XP (exchange rate is 0.5)

/exchange <amount> : exchange amount of XP for Bananas (exchange rate is 0.5)

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Default Texts for staff placed signs.

Dear player, please place a metal sign stating your ingame name(s), and a claimed bed for each player in this base. Comply within 5 days or we remove.
2Connect staff
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Less Servers

Hello Everyone,

Our 2Connect team has been struggling lately, we have a few members left.

We decided to stop all servers except for 2C2 and 2Cv to lessen our workload.

We are really thankful for all the help we have gotten running these servers the past ~2.5 years. And we still have a small team left to run the current 2 servers.

Have fun y’all!


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We are back.


After the disaster we had this weekend we worked hard to get the servers online again.
We had to replace hard disk drives from the server with new ones and build the operating system from scratch.
After the OS was working we had to renew firmware on server components and get the latest drivers for them.
We had to install the steam components to run the unturned servers, install unturned and configure them.
The SQL server was also lost so we got a new one. The new one was empty so we had to fill it with the data.
Then the rocket plug in’s had to be installed and configured.
It’s sad that we did not have a good backup, now the player data is gone. We had about 115000 unique players on our servers.
This time we did build a good backup and we hope we will never have to use it.
All servers are empty now, but this will only be so for a short time.

Time for a grand new start.


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All servers are down!

Dear players, mods and admins,

We have experienced the most unlikely server crash, 2 from our 5 server hard disks died at once.

We are unable to recover any data.

We are working hard to have a working server again soon, we need to start from scratch so it will take us some time.

We hope to see you all soon!

Best regards,

OscaR and HarmlessEppo

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Hello People,

Today i installed a Donation option to the site.
As owners HarmlessEppo and OscaR spend a lot of money on the 2connect servers.
First of all the server was bought and configured. We use a 12 core server with 16GB of RAM.
The server needs a good connection with the internet and you know these connections are expensive.
Than the server needs power to function, and lots of it.
Also there is this website with is not free for us to have.
Furthermore we spend a lot of time to manage the servers and software.
This is all done free of charge and you can use all servers without paying any money.
Now there is an option to donate money to the team to help them keep 2connect online.
We would like a donation to help us and to show your appreciation for all the work the team has done, and to make sure the 2connect servers will be online in the future.
Thank you in advance for any amount you wish to donate and have a great time at our servers.

The owners, OscaR and HarmlessEppo.

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Loadout list

We don’t use kits in the server but we use loadout.
Below a list of the id per role.

Loadout 0/518/517/1014/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337
Loadout 1/233/234/241/104/107/108/108/108/95/95/503/337
Loadout 2/223/224/225/10/99/100/100/1023/95/95/503/337/1163/1163
Loadout 3/1169/1170/1171/1172/107/108/108/108/1389/95/95/508/337
Loadout 4/242/243/244/202/107/108/108/108/95/95/503/337/345/345/345/345
Loadout 5/509/520/511/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337
Loadout 6/211/212/247/16/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337
Loadout 7/232/240/209/138/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337
Loadout 8/230/231/239/137/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337/1030
Loadout 9/1156/1157/1032/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337
Loadout 10/311/312/96/15/269/107/108/108/108/244/95/95/503/337

0 – Civilian
1 – Fire Fighter
2 – Police Officer
3 – Spec Ops
4 – Farmer
5 – Fisher
6 – Lumberjack
7 – Worker
8 – Chef
9 – Thief
10 – Doctor

P.S We added 1163(doughnut) to police. (How could we forget)

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New server with Russia map

Hi folks!

The new map Russia is available now, we changed out server 2connect4 to Russia PvE (see the servers page).

Have a go at it!

Best regards,

The Admin team

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Server 2Connect1 wipe on Sunday 10-07-2016

Hello players,

The server 2Connect1 map is full again as you may have noticed (high ping, lag).

Coming Sunday 10-07-2016 we will wipe the map.

See you after the wipe.

Your Admin team.

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A moderator (also known as Mod) is a player that knows the game well, and is able and willing to help other players. To do this he/she has extra commands to use.
A Moderators main role is to ensure the rules are being followed and to assist a player if they are in need of help.
As moderator one can still play the game, but in a different way. An admin cannot play the game and can only do admin work.
First of all a mod knows the rules of the server. There are not a lot of rules but the ones that exist should be enforced strictly. A list of these rules are on the website.
A mod can chat or voice chat with players. If a player does not comply with the rules a mod can kick this player. But beware, a kicked player can come back in the server one minute later so a kick can only be considered a warning.
If a player still does not comply with the rules a mod can report him/her to an administrator who will then take further steps to ensure rules are followed.
Enforcing the server rules is not the main thing a mod does. The most important thing a mod does is helping other players. A player could have all kind of difficulties. Players sometimes don’t know the basic game features. A mod could, if asked, help a player by explaining how to craft items.

On our servers we have a system whereby players earn salary in a currency called bananas. This system is not unique to our servers but it is not used in most other servers out there.
A mod should know how to use all aspects of the server shop, and should know how to explain them to players. An explanation of all shop commands can be found on the website.
A mod can buy things in the server shop to give to players if they really need them, this means small stuff like a Dressing or an MRE. Players will try to use this to get things and a mod can become a vending machine really easy. Therefore an admin or mod should not give things upon request.

Apart from the commands all players can use a mod has extra commands to use.

Heal This command can be used to heal (other) players.
Kick This command can be used to kick (other) players from the server.
home This command can be used to go (teleport) to your claimed bed.
Teleport This command can be used to teleport you or other players to places or players.
Time This command can be used to set time of day.
God This command ensures one cannot die and do not need food or water.
All these commands should be used to help other players.

In short: a mod makes players feel welcome and helps them if they need help.


Additional remarks:

  1. Mods do not take loot from Feasts,
  2. Mods do not take loot from Airdrops,
  3. Mods do not take loot from Horde beacons
  4. Helping does not mean giving players stuff/money (giving a fresh player an Alicepack or a MRE is OK),
  5. We do not refund vehicles or lost loot (exception only if you see the vehicle being griefed) Not if they crash it themselves ;),
  6. Server rules also apply to Mods and Admins,
  7. Mods do not Teleport players around the map, we are not a Taxi service.
  8. Never teleport to a player without their consent
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